A Message from Terry

To all of my dearest friends and clients, I want to thank you for your loving kindness and devotion these past 24 years that Creative Health existed on Main Street. I have dearly and truly loved working with you all and treasure our time together and memories we have made. Thank you for inquiring about me and reaching out to me these past few months. I want to apologize for not saying a personal goodbye to each one of you. But it was just too painful and hurt too much. And I just couldn't do it.

As most of you know, the last few years have been very stressful at Creative Health. And we know that stress is the number one sabotager of our immune systems. It sabotaged me. When I found out that I had stage 4 cancer again, it took me to my knees. I had to decide to take time off - again - and devote to getting well. I want you to know I am doing everything I have encouraged you to do. Juicing. Raw food diet. Exercise. Spiritual Health. Supplements. Essential oils. Get lots of rest. I am doing well. I am hiking regularly and meditating. I am becoming stronger and am optomistic about my healing.

I am excited to tell you that my son's Eco Village in St. Croix is coming along and will soon be ready to visit. And, in the near future, my book will be written. In the meantime, please check this page often to see what new is coming. I think you will be excited and happy. Call or email Joni Durham for you consultations and to order your products and essential oils. As you know, Joni has been with me since the beginning and I trust her to look after you well. Our website is going to be changing as well, offering more to come. We will be producing a monthly newsletter and even more. Call or email Joni with your email address and communication updates. Call Joni with any questions, we are here for you. 864-906-1063 or

God Bless you all!!
Love, Terry and Joni

  • After 24 years of business, Creative Health has closed. Thank you for being loyal and valued customers. We appreciate your business.

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    Amber Addison Acupuncture, MS-TCM (828) 275-1008

    Joni Durham, LMT, CNHP - massage or nutritional counseling with iridology (864) 906-1063

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